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pHlush Alimentary Canal Cleanser - Powder - 170g

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iJuice Chlorophyll

iJuice Chlorophyll Powder is an organic, 50-1, concentration of chlorophyll from Mulberry leaf. In other words Liquefied Sun Energy!

Organic Chlorophyll Juice Powder
50-1 Concentration From Mulberry Leaf
Liquefied Sun Energy


iJuice Chlorophyll Powder - This is a 50-1 concentration of chlorophyll from Mulberry leaf and is very powerful. 

Suggested Use:

Adults - Mix 1 Scoop (0.5 -1 gr) into 4oz to 8oz of purified or alkaline water, 2-6 times a day.

Children - Mix 1 Scoop (0.5 gr) into 4oz to 8oz of purified or alkaline water, 1-2 times a day. 

114 gr

This product is concentrated 50 to 1.

Serving size: 0.5 -1 gr

The Health & Fitness Benefits of Organic iJuice Chlorophyll from Mulberry leaf

Chlorophyll is liquefied sun energy and by consuming as much chlorophyll as possible will basically bathe our inner organs in sunshine. No life is possible without chlorophyll, the blood of plants - just as hemoglobin is the blood of the body - the difference between the two molecules being that chlorophyll contains magnesium, while hemoglobin contains iron. Therefore, chlorophyll through a plant based diet will be high in magnesium.

Some of the many healing properties of this amazing substance are::
• Chlorophyll promotes the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells
• Building a higher blood count
• Providing iron to organs
• Making the body more alkaline
• Cleaning and deodorizing bowels
• Helping the purify the liver
• Eliminating bad breath
• Relieving sore throat
• Improving varicose veins
• Reducing pain caused by inflammation
• Improving vision
• Fights infections.

Greens are the only living thing in the world that can transform sunshine into food that all living creatures can consume - there would be no life on our planet without greens - as the life purpose of all greens is to produce chlorophyll.

With high oxygen content in chlorophyll and a high mineral content in green plants, greens are the most alkalizing food that exists on the planet - heavy in alkaline minerals. By including iJuice Chlorophyll at a 50 to 1 concentration of chlorophyll in our diet we can keep our body alkaline, healthy and fit.

Chlorophyll helps in normal blood clotting, wound healing, hormonal balance, deodorizing and detoxification of the body and promotes digestive health. 

Try Some iJuice Chlorophyll Today!

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