Redmond variety pack 2


Redmond variety pack 2

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This pack includes: One Fine Real Salt 737g, One Real Salt Eco Pouch 500gr, One Redmond Bath Salt 510g, One Redmond Bath Salt Plus 510g, Two Redmond Clay 22g, Five Real salt sachets, Three 6g Pocket Shakers and One Redmond Rock Salt (150g-300g)


Enjoy a selection of our best sellers of Real Salt! This pack includes:

1  Fine Real Salt 26oz/737g

1  Real Salt Eco Pouch 500gr

1  Redmond Bath Salt 510g

1  Redmond Bath Salt Plus 510g

2  Redmond Clay 22g

5  Real salt sachets

3 Real Salt 6g Pocket Shakers and

1 Redmond Rock Salt (150g-300g)


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