Redmond Variety Pack 1


Redmond Variety Pack 1

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This bundle includes:

A 10oz/283g Tub of Redmond Bentonite Clay

A tube of Redmond Clay Facial Mud

A 10 oz/283g Real Salt shaker

A 4.75oz/135g Organic Season shaker.

A EarthCure foaming soap and

5 Real Salt Pocket shakers.


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Enjoy a selection of our Redmond products, and receive:

1 bottle of Earthcure Soap

5 Real Salt 6g pocket shakers

1 10oz/273g tub of Redmond Bentonite Clay,

1 tube of Redmond Clay Facial Mud,

1 4.75oz/135g Real Salt shaker and

1 4.75oz/135g Organic Season Salt shaker.


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